Your website is responsive, IDX-enabled and filled with original and useful content. Now what?

Enhance your online results by integrating as many of the following strategies as possible. As always, we are here to help you every step of the way.

SEO — Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Agents

You cannot afford not to have a local SEO strategy. We make sure that your prospects can find your website easily when they search for homes or agents online.

Search engines are constantly changing their ranking algorithms. As a result, your site’s SEO and ranking will have to be monitored and regularly fine-tuned. We stay on top of what works best for real estate agents and keep you advised on how to get best results.

Typical SEO activities include:

Social Media for Real Estate Agents

We can setup all of your social media — branded to match your website with auto-posting of your blog articles.

Create content on your site and share it via social media. The most important social media tools for most agents are Facebook and Instagram. Auto-post content on Facebook and great pictures of your listings and interesting properties on Instagram. Facebook ads should be a part of your overall online advertising and PPC.  Properly targeted they can be very cost-effective.

Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Regular Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and best ways to improve your brand awareness and secure new business. Even a small lead list, properly nurtured, can bring big returns.

There is no better way to re-engage website visitors and entice them to return to your site than email campaigns and newsletters. This is especially true in real estate. Home buyers are looking so hard, and sometimes so long, for a home that they will consistently open your new listings and market conditions emails — they are too afraid of missing their dream home. Integrating your listings and blog posts into a regular newsletter is simple, inexpensive and effective!

Google Analytics for Real Estate Agents

Analytics is a FREE tool offered by Google that tracks how visitors are getting to your site, what pages they visit, how long they stay, what pages get shared the most and which parts of your website generate the most leads as measured by conversion events.

Google Analytics measures how well your website, content, SEO, social media, link building and online advertising work.

Directory Listings and Link Strategies for Real Estate Agents

“Nearly 5,000 small businesses saw an average $8,000-per-year increase in revenue just by creating a business profile on Yelp … and they did that without spending a dime advertising on the site.”

Boston Consulting Group

The most overlooked and important listing to claim is your Google for Business listing.

Now that your site is up, your SEO, content, social media and directory listings in place, the next step is to start looking for relevant and real linking opportunities. Guest blogging, online press releases and appropriate value-added comments on other author’s or agent’s posts represent excellent link-building opportunities for real estate agents.

Online Ads and PPC for Real Estate Agents

No matter how effective your PPC is at getting clicks, without effective landing pages and lead capture strategies it will never deliver the ROI that it should.

Before investing in PPC make sure that you have a website with the right content to make a visitor return. More importantly once you do get an anonymous click through to your site you must have an effective strategy for capturing the visitor’s email address.