Discover how to create a real estate lead funnel and calls-to-action
Energy Realty Reveals Niche and we create Free e-book to serve as a real estate lead funnel with multiple calls-to-action (CTA’s)
In my first post in this 3 part series on Houston’s Energy Realty enhancements to their existing website, I discussed changes we were making to to the overall site designed to improve the user experience.

In this post I would like to share our niche and how we are promoting our lead capture piece into our primary real estate lead funnel. The Houston market is hot and complex. It is also filled with employees in the energy sector that get transferred – a lot. Energy Realty owner Sherry Campbell decided that she wanted to make relocation her specialty.

Her first task was to create a fact-filled and useful “Pasadena Real Estate Guide”. This 58 page e-book covers everything from Houston facts to school districts to getting a Texas driver’s license. A PDF version of this book serves as our anchor for our lead funnel. If a visitor expresses interest they are directed to a page with a form asking for name, phone number and email address. An email with instructions on how to access the guide is mailed to the provided email address. Upon opening the email provides a friendly thank you message and links directly to a viewable, printable and downloadable version of the guide.

The entire site was then sprinkled through with CTA’s (Calls-to-Action) directing visitors to get their FREE no-obligation Houston Relocation Guide. Let me show you what I mean.

First, a header bar and link were created that are on the top of every page on every device. You can see it displayed in the orange bar below. The blue text links to the sign-up page.

Create a top bar call to action on your real estate websiteNext, a callout section was placed on the home page just below the slider and search form. The center section contains both the cover image and orange I Want It text also linking to the sign-up page.

Sample Home page callout section for real estate lead funnel

The site uses both fullwidth pages and pages with sidebars. The e-book cover linking to the sign-up form was also placed at the top of the sidebar.

real estate lead funnel sidebar call to action

At the same time a keyword and competitor analysis was completed on a number of search terms.

Join us next week for the final installment in this series where I will show exactly how I optimized a page for one of our search terms and share some results.

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