There are two primary IDXes available today – framed and unframed (integrated). Framed IDX searches are dropped into a web page using iframes. Framed solutions are easy to implement and generally will work in both HTML and WordPress websites.

idx essentials don’t use framed idx

Framed solutions have a major drawback – searches, search results and individual properties are displayed in a frame within your page. As a result, they are non-indexable by Google. You can see this in the main image above by looking at the URL address. Because the properties are essentially presented in a page within a page the URL does not reflect the property address.Even it the search returned hundreds of properties, Google sees it as one generic page with no link to an individual address.

An unframed solution, on the other hand, is fully indexable. Look at the property detail image below and note how the address appears in the URL as well. Google sees EACH individual property as an individual page versus ALL results in one page and associates the page with the property address.

idx essentials property detail url

This is hugely important for multiple reasons. If Google can’t associate a property page with a property address the page will never be indexed for that property address. Indexable results, however, are associated with the property address and indexed by Google for that property address.

Searching for an address will never return any unframed IDX pages but will return every indexable IDX pages.

idx essentials google property address search

But wait – there’s more! When framed IDX saved search pages are incorporated into a website each search page counts as only ONE page with Google and other search engines. Saved search pages from indexable IDXes are treated as multiple individual property pages by Google resulting in a site with hundreds of indexed pages telling Google that your site has lots of useful content.

idx essentials google indexed pages

Take a look at your website search pages and results. If you are using a framed solution you are operating at an almost insurmountable disadvantage to your competitors who use indexable IDX solutions.

Needless to say, unless the client demands a framed solution ALL we incorporate only indexable IDX solutions. We can even setup multiple community and city search pages that can result in thousands of pages being indexed on your site by Google.

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