I know it’s Labor Day weekend and many of you are working so I decided to work too and put together a series of posts summarizing the top trends in real estate website design for 2015.

You’re probably wondering why an image of two tennis coaching programs? The answer – design matters! One of the top trends in real estate website design is a modern, responsive site that build instant credibility.

I wanted to take you out of the real estate box for a moment. Imagine you have a child who is a topnotch junior tennis player who seriously wants to work hard and earn a college tennis scholarship. So you start Googling junior tennis and visiting sites in your area. The design is the first thing you see, obviously. If you are like other website visitors you will use your initial impression to decide whether or not you believe the business is credible.

Looking at the sites shown above, which site would you want to explore more? (In total disclosure I must share that the site on the right is one I did for my daughter’s coach Scott Williams who not only specializes in developing junior players but has also coached Max Mirnyi (Belarus) ATP World Tour Doubles Ranking #1, Anna Kournikova (Russia) WTA World Tour Singles #8 & Doubles Ranking #1, Mary Pierce (France/USA) WTA World Tour Singles & Doubles Ranking #3 and continues to coach Tommy Haas who has been ranked #2 on the ATP Tour. Keep up the good work Scott.)

Not surprisingly 94% of users leave sites that are poorly designed, according to IronPaper in their article 10 Web Design Statistics. What happened the last time you landed on a site with an awful design? Did you stick around long and read all of the information? I thought so.

Now let’s turn this around to real estate websites. Remember 94% of your visitors will determine your credibility in the initial 3 seconds of visiting your site.

Agent #1’s website:

Century Properties Real Estate

Agent #2’s website:

trends in real estate website design- credible website

Which agent do you think the typical visitor will view as more credible?

94% of people surveyed in the article mentioned above cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website. Next to responsiveness the most important trend in real estate website design is better design. Design does matter. If your site is looking a little dated and stale, now could be the ideal time to have it redeveloped.

Stay tuned for more real estate website trends and have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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